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Land of Venus Lifting Weights Naked

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These sexy new photos of Land of Venus nude pumping iron were recently sent to us from Venus herself and so we couldn’t wait to get them posted here as these are some of the hottest photos we have seen of Venus. Looking fantastic even with her clothes on, Venus really gets into this workout session as she strips down and pumps some iron totally nude.

Venus from Land of Venus Is One Of Our Favorite Buff Babes

And seeing these latest pictures you can see why we love this totally buff babe. Not only does she have some of the firmest muscles around, she is hot as well with big firm tits, tight abs, beautiful legs and everything is in proportion and not over worked. We love watching her working out and especially when she decides to go “sans clothes” like she did here.

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Land of Venus

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Land of Venus Nude in the Shower

One of our favorite nude muscle girls is Venus from Land of Venus. Shown here taking a shower before a photo shoot, you can see that Venus has one of the best bodies around. A  Fitness model and powerlifting champion, Venus started very young playing football until the 8th grade and then going into powerlifting at 16 years old. This nude muscle girl has won many state championships and is now the owner of her own website, Land of Venus showing off her perfect naked body and exposing other hot nude muscle girls for her members to see in pictures and video’s. Venus not only runs her site, but also does many of the photo shoots and video’s herself. But one of our favorite nude muscle girls has always been Venus herself, showing off those sculptured abs and perfect shaped legs.